Custom Brand Identity and Logo Design

What is the difference between your brand and your brand identity?

Your brand and your brand identity are both critically important parts of your business. They are often used interchangeably, and while they work hand in hand, they are actually different things! 

Your brand is who you are, what defines you as a person and defines your business. Everything that your client sees, hears, feels, both emotionally and physically, is your brand. The pillars and values on which your business stands, is your brand. Its your clients' perception of what your business is, what it does, and how it does it. You have the power to influence your clients, and what they believe about you and your business. 

Your brand identity is how you influence your clients. This includes how you present the visuals of your brand, the words that you speak and write, and the foundation which your business stands on. Your brand identity is an incredibly important part of how you get your clients to see why you are different and worth the investment. However, your brand identity must be consistent and cohesive with your brand. You can have the most gorgeous logo in the world, and still not have a very memorable brand. You want to make sure that every client you come across experiences what your brand is all about!

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Here's where I can help you!


Let me help you create the perfect brand identity! Apart from creating the perfect logo and watermark, I can help you get all the graphics, fonts, colors, business cards, social media graphics, and website elements that you'll need to stand out! I've worked with many small businesses to create a beautiful brand identity that they can use for years. Let me help you achieve the perfect brand identity to go along with your amazing business.


Logo Only Package: $200

Logo + Business Card Package: $250

-Main logo and Variant logo
-Includes 3 free revisions

-Main logo and Variant logo
-Business card design
-Includes 3 free revisions


Main Logo       

Variant Logo            


Complete Branding Package: $500

-Main logo, Variant logo, and Submark
-Branding board with color palette (includes hex codes) and 1-3 fonts
-Website elements (choose 3): Favicon, call to action buttons, dividers, blog signatures, social media icons
-Brand collateral (choose 3): Business card, Facebook cover image, 2-3 brand patterns, 4 Pinterest graphics, 4 Instagram feed or story graphics
-Custom pricing guide
-Optional 10 page welcome guide



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