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Angie and Boys | Mantua Poppies Family Session

There’s this little town in Sardine Canyon Utah called Mantua. There’s a beautiful dam where people go boating in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. If you drive past the town up into the mountains, you’ll reach one of the tallest peaks in Northern Utah. But at the very edge of Mantua, there is a campground with the most gorgeous field that blooms with poppies for two weeks in June every year. Its one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever seen in my life.

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Mantua Utah Poppies | Pictures With My Girls

There’s a little campground in Sardine Canyon near Brigham City, Utah that has THE most gorgeous poppy fields. I’m obsessed with them. The entire field is just filled with these huge red poppies. Think of the field of poppies from the Wizard of Oz and that’s about what you’ve got there. Except that there’s no getting high off opium from the poppies like Dorothy and her friends.

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When Being Pregnant with #2 Wasn't What I'd Expected

If you follow me on social media at all, you’ll know that I just had a baby a few weeks ago. Its been a whirlwind 7 weeks, and definitely a huge change in my family. We went from a family of 3 for almost 6 years to a family of 4, but its honestly been the best change of our lives in the past few years.

But nothing could have prepared me for how difficult it would be to get #2 here.

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Then and Now: My Journey as a Photographer

I first started loving photography in high school more than 10 years ago. I remember the first camera I ever got was a little point and shoot. I would take it out and have “photo shoots” with my best friends all the time. I was also obsessed with America’s Next Top Model and thought I was amazing at modeling. Good grief. How little did I know.

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Perkins Family Logan Utah

Brittany and Heeth have been coming to me for family pictures for the past 4 or 5 years. Brittany is my cousin, and lives just down the street from me. So we’ve known each other forever. Brittany and Heeth are some of my favorite people in the world. They are both hilarious and as kind as can be. Their two girls are just hysterical as well.

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