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When Being Pregnant with #2 Wasn't What I'd Expected

If you follow me on social media at all, you’ll know that I just had a baby a few weeks ago. Its been a whirlwind 7 weeks, and definitely a huge change in my family. We went from a family of 3 for almost 6 years to a family of 4, but its honestly been the best change of our lives in the past few years.

But nothing could have prepared me for how difficult it would be to get #2 here.

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Ten Things People Don't Know About Me

As a photographer and designer, I’ve come into contact with a lot of people. I am a fairly open person about my life, and love to create connections with clients who have something in common with me. Most people know about my love of reading, the outdoors, and my obsession with Netflix binges. But I want you to get to know more about the real me! So below I will share ten things about my life that most people don’t know or can’t guess right off the bat.

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