Bride Tips for Choosing a Florist | Utah Wedding Photographer

Yay! You’re finally engaged and starting to plan the perfect wedding. Everything can be so overwhelming, as there are so many options out there to choose from. You want your day to be perfect, and choosing the perfect florist for you can help you to have that perfectly beautiful day that you’ve imagined for years. Below are some things to keep in mind when choosing a florist!


When choosing your florist, the first thing you’ll want to consider is their location. Is it close to your venue? Or are they miles and miles away? Flowers can be difficult to transfer. In order for your flowers to stay looking perfect and beautiful, you’ll want to choose a florist who is somewhere close to your chosen venue.


Do the florists you are looking at have a distinct style, or are they all over the place with their designs? Find a florist who has a style that you absolutely love. Do you want more of a traditional round bouquet? Or would you rather have a spray of colorful flowers with different kinds of greenery mixed in? Or perhaps you’d rather have a simple bouquet of different sorts of greenery. Having an idea of what you want will help you choose the perfect florist.


This one seems obvious. In Utah, people tend to get engaged and have weddings soon after. Many florists fill up months in advance. As soon as you get engaged and have picked out a date, start planning and don’t delay on picking out your desired florist to make sure that they are available for your big day!

Read Real Reviews

You can often find business’s reviews on Facebook or Google. When choosing your florist, find their business page and read their reviews! Look for patterns in their reviews. Look for things that tell not only about the quality of their work, but about how they were to work with. Someone can design the most gorgeous bouquet in the world, but may be a nightmare to work with. It might suit you better to choose someone who still creates beautiful bouquets, maybe not as beautiful as your first choice, but who is more pleasant to work with and will provide you with great customer service.

Packages and Pricing

Many florists have different things that they include for your wedding day. Do they provide a bouquet for a bridal/formal session before the day of the wedding? Do they provide a certain amount of centerpieces for your reception venue? Look at how many corsages and boutonnieres they’ll provide for your wedding party. Make sure that you choose a florist who can provide you with everything that you need within your budget.

Complimentary Items

Some florists will provide complimentary florals for your big day. Some will choose to provide a toss bouquet so that you don’t have to throw your big gorgeous bouquet to all those single ladies in the room. See if they will provide extra florals in case anything needs an extra boost on your wedding day.

Set-up Time

Setting up florals in your venue can take a lot of time. Talk to your chosen florist to see how much time they will need the day of to set everything up! Ask them if they help with the men’s boutonnieres. If you’re like me, and don’t know how to pin on a boutonniere without poking my guy with a pin, its helpful to have someone there who can do that and pin them on straight! Asking about little details like these can really help with the overall stress of your day.

See Their Work

If you can’t find a florist with a brick and mortar storefront (many florists in Utah run their business out of their homes), check out their website or Instagram account! When looking through their Instagram feed, look to see if things look consistent and is the style that you are looking for. Check the images they’ve been tagged in and see if you can find any from past brides who had awesome things to say about them! When sitting down with your florist, you can ask if they have other examples you can see that aren’t represented on their social media profiles or website.

Choosing wedding vendors can be an overwhelming process. But hopefully you can use some of these tips to pick out the perfect florist for you! I’ve worked with many amazing florists throughout my time as a wedding photographer, and have some that I highly recommend working with. I will link their businesses below so you can check out how amazing they are as well!