What to Expect When You Book a Design Package With Me

Are you in need of a new logo? Want to completely updated your brand identity? Does you need a new website or does your current Squarespace site need a facelift? I love working with other photographers and business owners within the wedding community. I love creating gorgeous new logos and brand identities that match your already amazing business. If you’re wondering what the process is, how I work together with you to create gorgeous imagery, what the process is like, etc., read on to find the answers to some of my most asked questions.

What is the difference between your brand and your brand identity?

That’s a great question, and one I get a lot! Your brand and your brand identity are both critically important parts of your business. They are often used interchangeably, and while they work hand in hand, they are actually different things! 

Your brand is who you are, what defines you as a person and defines your business. Everything that your client sees, hears, feels, both emotionally and physically, is your brand. The pillars and values on which your business stands, is your brand. Its your clients' perception of what your business is, what it does, and how it does it. You have the power to influence your clients, and what they believe about you and your business. 

Your brand identity is part of how you influence your clients. This includes how you present the visuals of your brand, the words that you speak and write, and the foundation which your business stands on. Your brand identity is an incredibly important part of how you get your clients to see why you are different and worth the investment. However, your brand identity must be consistent and cohesive with your brand. You can have the most gorgeous logo in the world, and still not have a very memorable brand. You want to make sure that every client you come across experiences what your brand is all about!


What can I expect from the design process?

Depending on the design package that you book with me, the design process can last anywhere from about a week to about six weeks. I begin the process with every client by sending out an in-depth questionnaire. I ask things about your business like who your idea client is, what kind of business you are (if you’re a photographer, I ask what kind of photography you shoot most), word and adjectives that you use to describe your brand, and what makes you unique as a business. It then goes through what you want your brand imagery to look like (think colors, fonts, graphic elements, etc.).

If you choose to do a Squarespace web design, I send out a questionnaire for that as well. It asks some of the same questions as the design questionnaire, but it also includes things like what elements and pages you want on your site, what your goal is for your website (whether that’s to book clients or be more of a portfolio, etc.), etc. The point of these questionnaires is for me to get to know you as a person and a business a little more so that I can know the direction that you want to head in for your designs.

After the questionnaires are filled out and sent back to me, I get to work creating first drafts of designs. We work until you love them and are proud to show them off to your clients and followers! We work closely together throughout the entire process to make sure that we get everything perfect for you.

Why is it worth it to hire a brand designer and not get a logo off of Etsy?

Do you want a cookie cutter logo that looks like everyone else’s? Or do you want something custom, something that represents you as a person and a business? Hiring a designer may sound like its not worth the investment, but I promise you that it is. There are some beautiful logos on Etsy, and if you are just starting out and don’t have the funds to invest in a designer, that is a good option to go with! But if you are more established in your business, you want to be able to stand out from the crowd.

When you hire a brand designer, you are getting more than a custom logo. You are getting someone who becomes invested in you and your business. I strive to make sure that my design client’s experience with me is one that will leave them feeling like they have a new friend and a cheerleader for their business. You won’t find that by getting a pre-designed logo on Etsy.


I hope some of the answers to these questions cleared up any doubt you have about hiring a brand designer! I would love to work with you and create gorgeous imagery for you and your already amazing business. To find out more about my packages, click here or shoot me a message through my contact form!