First Trip to New York City | Utah Family Photographer

I’ve always wanted to go visit New York City. I’ve seen it in so many movies and tv shows, and its always looked amazing. A few months ago, my mother in law asked me if she could take my oldest daughter to visit NYC for the first time, and of course I said yes. My oldest loves traveling and going on adventures. I thought about it, and since I had never been, I asked if I could tag along. We spent probably 2-3 months planning out this adventure to make sure it would be memorable for my kids. And we had the absolute best time.

While we were there, we hit up some of the most famous places in New York. Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, the Empire State Building, and Central Park were definitely all of the best places we visited. The food was amazing, and the people in New York are so kind and helpful. I’ve now become a pro at finding my way around the city using the subway (thanks to Google Maps 😂). However, it was so disconcerting not having any mountains around, not only to get my bearings, but because I am a true mountain girl at heart. I definitely could never live anywhere where there wasn’t mountains at all.

My girls were the best little adventure buddies. Hailey was a true champ and walked pretty much all over by herself, apart from the couple times I had to give her a piggy back ride (halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge and back. Yikes). She loved, loved, loved riding the subway and seeing all the diversity that New York has to offer. I loved seeing her interact with so many different kinds of people and not give their differences a second thought. Diversity is one thing that Utah is lacking in, and it was such a cool experience seeing so many different nationalities, religions, and just people in general.

Hailey loved everything that New York had to offer. But because she’s so little, and everything in New York is so big, she had a challenge taking selfies like she wanted to. It was a bit of a stressful 10 minutes when she couldn’t fit herself and the Statue of Liberty in the same picture 🤦‍♀️. Hailey keeps telling me that she now wants to move to New York. I think I’ll let her move there when she’s 18, because I sure will not be moving there.

Raegan was the cutest little traveler ever. Everyone was obsessed with her. I cannot tell you how many comments I got about how people thought she was a doll. It was so cute. Not that I’m biased at all, but I do think she’s the absolute cutest and most perfect baby ever. Raegan did not like the subway, or the flight home. She did love all the lights around New York though. She’s a total crow and just gravitates towards anything bright and/or shiny. I was so stressed out about finding places to nurse her wherever we went, because she will not nurse with a cover. But the amazing thing about New Yorkers is that they just don’t care. It made my life so much less hectic and less stressful because I felt comfortable nursing her wherever we were, and no one would give me a second glance or said anything to me. Shout out to all the people there for being totally rad humans.

New York was such a fun experience, and I’m so glad that I got to share that with my children. I will forever remember the wonder on their faces at experiencing something so amazing, and I can’t wait to go back and experience more of the city.