Meet the Photographer, Designer, and Creator

Hey there! I’m so glad that you’re here. My name is Katie, and I’m the owner of Katie Blakeley Creative Studios. I started this business a couple years ago because I wanted to be able to work from home and stay with my family. I hated being in the corporate world; it drained my creativity and my need to do something else with my life. I’ve been doing photography for about eight years now, and I’ve been designing for just over two. My favorite things to shoot are couples, weddings, families, and seniors. As for designing, I specialize in logos and branding, and have more recently added in Squarespace web design.


This is my cute little family of three, soon to be four. Ben and I have been married since 2010. We met at Utah State University in early 2009. We both graduated in 2013. Ben got a degree in Electrical Engineering, and I got my degree in Psychology. I had plans to go on to get a Master’s degree in School Counseling, but later realized that my true passion was in the arts. Ben went on to get his Master’s degree in 2015. Hailey was born in July 2013, and she has been the greatest blessing of my life.

Hailey is just like me, in the sense that she loves everything about the arts. Her favorite class at school is her art class, and that makes me more happy than I can say. She loves painting, drawing, coloring, doing puzzles, playing with her barbies, having tea parties with her stuffed animals, and playing in the great outdoors.


Ben is an avid outdoorsman and hunter. His favorite place in the world to be is up in the mountains. We have big plans to move to Alaska in the next couple years, and have a super fun adventure up there. Ben is also a huge health nut. He loves working out, running, going hiking, and just being in the outdoors in general.

As for me, besides photography and design, I have quite a few hobbies. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up singing, playing the piano, joining choirs, and being in musical theater. Musicals are some of my very favorite things in this world. I will often sing to them in the car, in the shower, while I’m cooking or cleaning, or listening to them while I’m editing and designing. I can rap and sing along to almost every word of Hamilton. Ask my friends. It drives them crazy. I also love reading. Harry Potter is my very favorite series. They are the books that first got me into reading, and hold a special place in my heart. I also love anything crafty. I sew a little bit, I love embroidery and cross stitch, I own a Silhouette cutting machine and love making vinyl projects. I want to get more into building things with my hands. My father in law is amazing at woodworking, and I’m hoping to convince him to teach me some tricks.

Being a photographer and designer has brought so much joy into my life. It gives me a great creative outlet, and I get to create beautiful works of art for others. I hope that I can get to know you as we work together on either images or a new logo! I’m so excited to get to know more about you.