Hi! I'm Katie Blakeley!

Wife, mother to one little girl, and one puppy, I'm also a designer, photographer, and creator. I'm a firm believer in the empowerment of women everywhere, and a cheerleader of all female (and male) entrepreneurs. I believe that motherhood is the greatest and most important role in this life, even if it is the most challenging.

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This is my world...


Ben and I met in 2009, dated for a year and half, were engaged for six months, and got married in the Salt Lake Temple in December 2010. We had our little girl, Hailey, in July 2013. She is the best thing about my life, and I'm so happy that I get to be her mom. Our little family of three, and one puppy, live in Logan, Utah. 


Getting Hailey here was a rough journey. She was a surprise pregnancy,  I was finishing up my senior year of my undergraduate studies, and I lost more weight than I ended up gaining with her. I ended up having to have a c-section due to some complications. But her birth, and my becoming a mother, was the most beautiful thing that's happened.


The child....

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Hailey is now four years old. She has started preschool and is in love with learning. Her favorite things to do include coloring, playing barbies, playing dress up, riding her bike, going hunting with daddy, bug hunting, hide and seek, and puzzles. Puzzles are a big thing in my house right now, which is awesome, because I LOVE puzzles. 

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The husband....

Benjamin is definitely my best friend. When he's not at work (or hunting), we are at home playing with Hailey, taking drives up the canyon, playing board games, or binge watching shows on Netflix. Ben is a HUGE hunter. He lives and breathes hunting. Fall is definitely his favorite time of year. He's an engineer for a local company in our hometown of Logan, Utah. He loves riding his motorcycle everywhere. His dream is to someday move to Alaska, mainly so he can do all the hunting he wants. 


Besides photography and design...


I have a lot of hobbies and things I'm passionate about doing. My biggest love is music. I've been playing the piano for about 23 years now, and its definitely the thing that I'm most passionate about in my life. I grew up singing and dancing, and performing in community and school theater. I love to read. My very favorite books are Harry Potter (specifically the Half Blood Prince). I have a ton of HP memorabilia, most of it consisting of t-shirts. My dream is to travel to the United Kingdom one day and visit the Warner Brothers studio and Hogwarts castle. I love crafting, working out, binge watching Netflix on my own, jigsaw puzzles and making macrame wall hangings.


Yes, photography and design are really fun for me. But that's not the reason I do it. I once had a client with really bad self-esteem issues. After I got done with her session, and delivered her images, her mom texted me and explained how amazing her daughter felt after seeing the pictures. She told me that kids at school had made fun of her daughter for a less than desirable physical trait, and it had devastated this girl. But seeing the pictures, and how beautiful she looked, despite that flaw, gave this girl that confidence boost she had been searching and praying for. That's why I do this. I want everyone, especially girls, to know how beautiful and amazing they are, inside and out. I will always be a champion for those that can't be one for themselves, and photography is my main way of doing that.

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Why I do what I do...


Why I do what I do, cont....

The other side of my business, for right now the biggest part, is my design services. For a long time, I've wanted not only myself to succeed, but to help other women succeed in their business. That's where the branding process comes in. I believe that knowing who you are as a person, and using that to your advantage, will help you be successful! Knowing who you are, what your values are, and who your ideal client is, all contribute to you having an amazing brand. My design services only add to that wonderful brand you already have!


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